Beautiful, Simple Websites

Modern websites need to do more than just look cool, they need to be a tool, not an ornament. Our sites help clients to engage with their customers, users and members and, using cutting-edge technology and the social web, help broadcast your message far beyond your site’s pages.


Digital People, Digital Teams

The quality of your internet offering relies on the ability of your staff. Through using bespoke training schedules and iterative on and offline personal development programmes we develop your staff’s proficiency in using today’s social web, developing digital people from within your organisation.


Social Apps for Business

We specialise in finding new ways for you to engage with your audience and making you tools to work smarter. From simple client upload sites right the way through to full-blown Corporate Intranets, our unique social tools will help your staff be more collaborative, productive and connected.


Data Insight & Visualisation

Understanding data is key to any organisation looking to move forward in the world today and the web is now awash with information that can help you to do so. Data on its own is worthless but, when combined with other data sets, analysed and visualised, it can be worth its weight in gold.


Digital Toolkits

Totaal are more than a Web Design company, we help you take control of your digital presence, building you a set of bespoke digital communications tools that harness the power of the social web.

We use the latest techniques to make your online presence faster, smarter and more effective.

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WordPress Doctors

We’ve been working exclusively with Wordpress since 2008 and if you have a problem with your Wordpress site then we’d love to help.

If there’s something you want to do with your site but don’t know how then just ask us. There’s nothing we cant make WP do.

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Work With Us

We're always looking for talented people to collaborate with on projects. Are you a Wordpress, PHP or Rails developer? Are you handy with CSS or Javascript? Do you make sweet music with APIs? Do you make Digital Content that sets you apart from your peers? If that's you then we want to speak to you right away.

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