Ben Whitelaw, Communities Editor at The Times, explains how he explains his role to his colleagues in this well written and very well thought out article. The interesting thing is how he approaches different people in different roles in a different way. Ultimately it’s all about education.


Do not underestimate the cultural change associated with social media

We love social workspaces, well we would do wouldn’t we? After all we do make them. Here’s handy guide to things to consider, how to kick the project off and, most importantly, the cultural change associated with rolling them out to the workforce.

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These views are my own

The title to this blog appears, in one way or another, in the bio section of an alarming amount of profiles across the social web. You may have hardly noticed it or possibly just taken it for granted but it’s very illustrative of the current state of play in the relationship between society, work and […]

Bradford’s first Social Media Surgery

Next week sees Bradford become the latest town in the UK hold a Social Media Surgery. The informal gathering of people interested in either teaching or learning how to use the web will be held at The Gumption Centre on July 20th.pecifically aimed at community or voluntary groups, Social Media Surgeries provide free advice to organisations or people on how to set up their own websites, blogs, Twitter accounts, Facebook pages or podcasts. As well as anything else digital that they may be interested in investigating.

Ladies and Gentlemen I give you the single biggest threat to the Social Web

Chances are that, if you know anybody involved in web development, design or usability, you will already be aware of this but I’m still amazed by how many aren’t. The biggest threat that the Social Web faces today isn’t authoritarian governments, lack of broadband availability or even piracy or hackers. This pervasive threat actually comes […]

Future of Web Apps highlights (#fowa)

It’s official, Carsonified‘s excellent Future of Web Apps conference in London chewed me up, spat me out and landed me back in sunny Yorkshire. I’ve had a ball over the three days catching up with some friends and generally talking tech stuff with tech people. Really the only apt way to describe it would be […]

So you’re thinking of having a Social Media Newsroom?

There’s no doubt that nowadays Public Relations is getting exponentially harder, Social Media has opened up a new front in the world of PR and people are now joining the industry with a whole different skill set to those who have traditionally been drawn to the dark arts of mass relationship and media management. Personally […]

Twitter style ads help Facebook buck the market trend

Facebook’s recent buzz has all been about their “Twittification”, reducing the former enjoyable randomness of Facebook to a homogenous Twitter feed. It’s caused all sorts of ructions and mutinies among users with the predictable Facebook groups being set up to demand that the system be scrapped and the norm returned to. Haha Facebook, now you […]