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Is this the coolest single shot take ever?

If you are a film buff like me I think you may well be in for a treat. Obviously the greatest single shot take was either Goodfellas, or The Godather….yes probably the godfather. Anyway, though this is crammed with CGI and all sorts of other shenanigans is is undenyably beautiful. It’s to advertise a TV, […]

All hail Swede Mason

There are very few people who, in my mind, are undiscovered geniuses but this guy has to be pretty close. Swede Mason seems to have the unerring ability to take the seemingly mundane aspects of the rockpools of pop culture and turn them into the funniest, most original little videos there is. Here’s a link […]

A gift for both your inner geek and your inner child

It’s a rare thing that I come across something that gets me all moist on more than one level. In fact right now the only thing I can think of is a torch, torches are both great for going down in the cellar with AND for pretending you own a light sabre. Any man who tells you he doesnt pretend torches are light sabres is either lying or Amish*.

Fab four in fab animation

There’s not many people who haven’t grown up with the Beatles, I’d imagine that – like me – they remind you of long trips with the parents in a Cortina, probably biscuit coloured. Some uncharitable types might say they were a teensy bit overrated and that their solo careers were more or less consistently awful […]

Sheffield gets spiked!

Here’s a volleyball promo I did with my erstwhile collaborator Phil Parkin of Quickfeet Productions, the campaign itself was hugely successful getting over 200,000 views in six weeks. This is the “off campaign” version as many of you who know me will attest, I am a stickler for measurement and monitoring. The FIVB Volleyball World […]

Totaaly the first post

Welcome to totaal, we aren’t web designers (though we certainly do websites), we aren’t marketing consultants (though we do that too) and we arent designers (though we do have the odd dabble). Totaal is just that, a holistic look at your presence – both online and off. Businesses nowadays need to be web-facing and totaal […]

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