Ben Whitelaw, Communities Editor at The Times, explains how he explains his role to his colleagues in this well written and very well thought out article. The interesting thing is how he approaches different people in different roles in a different way. Ultimately it’s all about education.


5 Essential Spreadsheets for Social Media Analytics


Whilst the social web is all about conversation, interaction and personality none of those things butter any crumpets when it comes to Board Reports. It’s all about cold, hard metrics.


Social Media Trends To Look For In 2012

So it’s a New Year, subsequently there are rather a lot of these posts floating about. This one is actually quite good though. I know, I was shocked too.

News Headlines and Retweets

What makes a successful headline and what makes people share it may actually be completely different from each other. Nick Diakopoulos takes a look at some data from the NYT and finds out that it may not be so straightforward as you thought.

Is it Better to Share on Google+, Facebook or Twitter?


Sharing content across Social Networks is great, right? Where do you get the most success from though? Each have their own plusses and minuses but what are the base line stats?

Find out.

Great Run-Down of Social News and Bookmark Sites

Most people only see social bookmarks at the bottom of blogs or newspaper sites, usually they have no idea what the icons mean or what they do. If you are one of those people then this is a handy article for you.

Twitter by Mail?

For a month, with a billion stamps, he moved his tweets from the laptop to the post office, and rediscovered the joy of mail.

Twitter by Mail?

Tumblr 87,000 SOPA 0

America’s “Stop Online Piracy Act” has attracted a wave of protests from the online community, possibly the best of the lot though, is micro-blogging service Tumblr generating a massive 87,834 phone calls from their users lodging their objections.

Read about it here.

Writing For The Social Web

It’s starting to be accepted as a fact that the social web has changed the way we write, this handy guide covers some key rules and guidelines for how to effectively write with the web in mind.

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Make a Documentary Only Using HTML5 and WebGL

HTML5 is set to revolutionise the interactivity of the web, reducing the need for extraneous plugins and making the whole thing more browser native than before. This mini-documentaries about the history of high rise towers and their effect on society is a fantastic example of what it can do.

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Do not underestimate the cultural change associated with social media

We love social workspaces, well we would do wouldn’t we? After all we do make them. Here’s handy guide to things to consider, how to kick the project off and, most importantly, the cultural change associated with rolling them out to the workforce.

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Database of Social Media policies

If your organisation is going to embrace the social web then you are going to need a policy, this repository of policies is incredibly useful for anybody looking to set something up.

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The Charity Social 100 Index

Charities need to develop more effective social strategies for a cash-strapped age

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30 Larger Than Life Ads

Advertising is boring, right? Right. Not here though, massively oversized objects or “adstallations” are starting to be a big, big thing.

30 Larger Than Life Ads