Totaal’s Infographics Week: Day Four

Totaal’s rattle through the realms of visual information continues apace with this, the last post in the Infographics Week series. We’ve returned to script somewhat with Social Media one again the main focus, like it or lump it Social Media is a great focus for the infographicists of the world so hopefully after yesterday’s diversion this wont feel too serious and worky for a Friday.

The Social Marketing Compass

This is a lovely graphic from renowned writer, analyst and speaker Brian Solis which sets out a very clear and well thought through vision of the social marketing universe with Brand as the Sun. Like or loathe the Marketing Speak element of the graphic it’s very eloquently put and has some real resonance.

The Story of Twitter

Twitter has finally shed its New Kid on the Block image and is now firmly established as the tool de jour for quick and easy engagement.This graphic charts the journey between its birth and third birthday, see if you can remember a few of those watershed moments. I know I can.

Facebook Growth

This is a lovely snapshot of the exponential (if that’s not too weak a word) growth of Facebook’s users. In six years the site has gone from a college dorm room project to one of the biggest new media companies in the world. To pick a stat out of the ether, 50% of users log-in every day. How amazing is that?

Thanks for making this a fun series to do, as suggested I’ll definitely continue and if you have any requests or spot something you think warrants a mention then let me know.

Totaal’s Infographics Week: Day Three


So the infographics train keeps a-rolling on, thanks to all the people who’ve given lovely feedback so far. Thanks especially to Ben and Tim who pointed me in the direction of Information is Beautiful which is a thing of beauty in itself. It has kind of messed with the order of play a bit but hey, reaction’s a good thing right?

Top 50 Earners in World Football

This is by the aforementioned Ben Huxley of Visual Evolution, the guy who also contributed to Totaal’s silliest ever blog post, who deconstructed the stats for the 50 best paid footballers and laid it out pretty nicely. The idea that Man City’s Emmanuel Adebayor earns a salary equivalent to 26,471 of his fellow countrymen/women is mind boggling. He also did this slightly more gruesome effort.

The Great Bear

Sort of more of a work of labyrinthine graphic punnage than a straight up infographic, The Great Bear has been hung in the Totaal office ever since we kicked off. It’s a lovely interpretation of the masterly Harry Beck‘s original London Tube Map with the lines replaced by Philosophers, Planets, Actors, Footballers etc. It’s not so much the lines themselves that are interesting but it’s the intersections of the lines in this that bring up the most interesting results, you may have to squint a little but it’s more than worth it.

Left Vs. Right

What with the GeneralElection having just been called I thought it would be timely to include this information packed infographic on the beliefs of people on each side of the US Left/Right political scale. Maybe it’s the blurring of international boundaries, the colonial legacy or the fact that our politicians are, to a man, obsessed with US politics but about 90% of this holds water on this side of the Atlantic too.

More tomorrow!

Totaal’s Infographics Week: Day Two


The infographics mania continues with some more lovely information and design based goodness for you all again today. If there is a theme here it’s probably about interaction. Mostly it’s just infographics that I have found that I have liked or I thought brought something new to the party.

The Social Media Effect

A nice lo-fi graphic which charts the amplifying effect of the social web on the most common online currency unit of the day, an item of content. The best thing that this illustrates is the “trickle-down” fashion of content from the most immediate networks like Twitter and Digg right the way through to google and network features.

The History of Location Technology

The geolocation feature on smartphones has led to an absolute revolution in how mobile technology is used in the modern day and this graphic takes us right the way through the history of  location technology from smoke signals to the modern day.

How the World Engages with the Social Web

This lovely graphic charts how the different countries surveyed interact with the social web covering the whole gamut of interaction from access, blogging, microblogging, Social Network use and video/photo uploads. A random fact from this: In China the equivalent of almost twice the population of the UK share photos and videos online. Wow.

The Six Different Behaviour Types of the Web

This, sadly US only, graphic charts the behavioural habits as well as the ages and number of the six major types of content consumers on the web. Are you a creator, a critic, a collector, a joiner, a spectator or an inactive? I’m cool with you as long as you are an inactive, I really hate you guys.

Totaal’s Infographics Week: Day One

I love information and I also love design, when design meets information then it’s bound to be fun right? Exactly, that part of the VEN diagram has to be a fertile furrow to plough and I’ve developed a bit of a childish love for the infographic over the last few years. Also, it’s Easter Week here in the UK and being only a four day week I decided to do a little series of four sharing some of my favourite recent infographics. To kick off the series here are two meaty infographics that tell us everything you need to know about Google and the leading companies on the social web.

Google Infographgraphic

Pingdom have pulled together this fantastic visual from all of the information on Google they have been able to scrape out from down the back of the internet’s sofa. And yes, it really has gone from a geek’s daydream to the biggest media organisation in the world in fifteen years.


Social Media Landscape

This one is absolutely lovely, it distills a good few hours of client contact into about ten minutes of chart surfing. Some of the info I would have to take issue with but it’s largely spot on and about as close to a ‘one size fits all’ solution as you are likely to get. It’s been commissioned by the guys over at CMO and really nicely done by the pixel pushers at 97th Floor.

More to follow tomorrow, if you have any to add please stick them in the comments section below.

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