30 Larger Than Life Ads

Advertising is boring, right? Right. Not here though, massively oversized objects or “adstallations” are starting to be a big, big thing.

30 Larger Than Life Ads

Facebook: Snow White or Big Bad Wolf?

Facebook continues to be big news – and let’s face it, when is it not nowadays? – but the world’s biggest social network seems to be attracting more and more press of the wrong type in recent times. Since last year’s change to the privacy terms and conditions, a move which in itself attracted enough […]

Tasty VW virals show things are better when they are fun

VW have a long history of quality advertising – see here, here and here for examples of iconic VW ads – and it’s nice to see that this eye for quality has bled into their recent online work. VW’s Swedish agency, DDB Stockholm, have just released couple of videos and a teaser from their new […]

Reaction to Samsung's new viral somewhere between antipathy and ambivalence

The latest viral effort from the worlds largest conglomerate has been released to a fairly widespread derision.  South Korean megacorp Samsung generally create fairly decent technology but, unlike say Apple or Sony, they seem to have perennial problems with actually managing to be likable. We are, after all, talking about the same company who thought […]

Twitter style ads help Facebook buck the market trend

Facebook’s recent buzz has all been about their “Twittification”, reducing the former enjoyable randomness of Facebook to a homogenous Twitter feed. It’s caused all sorts of ructions and mutinies among users with the predictable Facebook groups being set up to demand that the system be scrapped and the norm returned to. Haha Facebook, now you […]