Google Buzz, what’s all the fuss about?

Fresh on the heels of the release of Google Wave, billed as a panacea to the problems of communicating by email but in reality just a neat little collaborative tool, Google have released their next product, Buzz. As is becoming customary with Google, the hyperbole was again laid on with a trowel, this time they […]

Twitter plans to finally put squeeze on clients

It’s always been a bit of a puzzler for me quite why twitter let their client ecosystem blossom so enthusiastically, I blogged about it before a couple of times speculating here about whether they were finally making the move against clients with their lists feature. Alex Payne, an engineer at Twitter and head of the […]

Twitter Lists, Twitter’s first strike against clients?

Interesting developments from Twitter with the recent announcement of the release of their Lists beta feature. For those of you with enough of a life not to care about these things, lists is a feature currently only available to “selected users” that allows you to select lists of your favourite Tweeters. So what form will […]

Future of Web Apps highlights (#fowa)

It’s official, Carsonified‘s excellent Future of Web Apps conference in London chewed me up, spat me out and landed me back in sunny Yorkshire. I’ve had a ball over the three days catching up with some friends and generally talking tech stuff with tech people. Really the only apt way to describe it would be […]

Five Twitter tools that you’d be mad not to use

Obviously Twitter being news isn’t really news any more, strangely though many people I know who have embraced digitality with admirable gusto still don’t really get it. Essentially what happens is that Josh or Jade Public sign up to their Twitter account, look up @wossy etc and then wander off bored. Try as I might […]