The Semantic Web, beautifully explained

Long time no blog. Sorry about that but I’m sure you’ll manage. I’ve recently been doing a hell of a lot of production stuff for clients which has taken up a gigantic amount of time, on top of that I’ve been doing some very exciting work around education. More on those soon. Much, much more […]

Social Media Training, some reflections

Last week I had the pleasure of delivering Totaal’s first large-scale Social Media Training session at Immage Studios in North East Lincolnshire. I have done many a one-on-one and small group session before but this one was a very different animal indeed. All in all there were twelve different attendees and representatives from two different […]

British weather in quite good shocker, hello and sorry

Firstly just let me say Zdravo, Merhaba, Halo Hej and Ola to my recent visitors from overseas and a plain old ‘awight to you grubby lot from closer to home. Earlier today I checked my statcounter figures and since I last posted I’ve had some delightfully random visits from far places as far flung as […]

Cliffhanger video – Sheffield gets the Parkour and MTB treatment

As if Volleyball wasnt enough, the good people at this week’s Cliffhanger festival have produced this fantastic viral. Cliffhnager is one of the UK’s largest outdoor outdoor-pursuits festivals, based in one of Sheffield’s biggest green spaces. Anyway, enough of me prattling on about how blinding it is, it takes place this Saturday and Sunday. Visit the site […]

Lee Bryant kicks off Reboot Britain with considerable aplomb

NESTA (the National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts) are a pretty interesting organisation, they are a sort of Royal Society of the Arts for the digital age cum tech-think-tank, they work across all sectors promoting innovation. It’s a partnership body which, as I can identify from with from my time at Yorkshire Culture, […]

Yaay, we’ve won the World Cup!

Yorkshire Events, the guys I am currently working with, won their bid for the 2010 UCI Mountainbiking XC World Cup. I’m absolutely made up that we won it as I was desperate for it to get the recognition it deserves. The real kicker is that, particularly with bid stuff, nobody wants to know if you didnt win the event. This wouldve meant something I was very proud of would be the proverbial ginger stepchild.

Why so quiet on Photosynth?

Photosynth has been around as an idea for a couple of years now, anybody I know who has heard about it was massively impressed and excited about it. It’s the combination of a couple of fantastic bits of software, one spacially tags photos and the other recognises features in the photos and relates them with […]

All hail Swede Mason

There are very few people who, in my mind, are undiscovered geniuses but this guy has to be pretty close. Swede Mason seems to have the unerring ability to take the seemingly mundane aspects of the rockpools of pop culture and turn them into the funniest, most original little videos there is. Here’s a link […]

A gift for both your inner geek and your inner child

It’s a rare thing that I come across something that gets me all moist on more than one level. In fact right now the only thing I can think of is a torch, torches are both great for going down in the cellar with AND for pretending you own a light sabre. Any man who tells you he doesnt pretend torches are light sabres is either lying or Amish*.

Totaaly the first post

Welcome to totaal, we aren’t web designers (though we certainly do websites), we aren’t marketing consultants (though we do that too) and we arent designers (though we do have the odd dabble). Totaal is just that, a holistic look at your presence – both online and off. Businesses nowadays need to be web-facing and totaal […]

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