The Semantic Web, beautifully explained

Long time no blog. Sorry about that but I’m sure you’ll manage. I’ve recently been doing a hell of a lot of production stuff for clients which has taken up a gigantic amount of time, on top of that I’ve been doing some very exciting work around education. More on those soon. Much, much more […]

Nice bid video from London for the 2018 World Cup

Just a quick one, happened upon this lovely video for London’s bid for the 2018 World Cup. It almost makes me homesick it’s so good, even considering the only bit of green space is Primrose Hill (at around 1:20).> It’s also specially lovely when you consider that they have two stadiums (Wembley and the […]

Tasty VW virals show things are better when they are fun

VW have a long history of quality advertising – see here, here and here for examples of iconic VW ads – and it’s nice to see that this eye for quality has bled into their recent online work. VW’s Swedish agency, DDB Stockholm, have just released couple of videos and a teaser from their new […]

Carl Sagan – 'A Glorious Dawn' ft Stephen Hawking

Here’s a lovely little vid I found where, via the gift of autotune, Carl Sagan – renowned astronomer, author and astrophysicist – sings about the beauty and complexity of the universe. Not to be outdone Professor Stephen Hawking, with that distinctive voice of his, pops in for a verse to give us the benefit of […]

British weather in quite good shocker, hello and sorry

Firstly just let me say Zdravo, Merhaba, Halo Hej and Ola to my recent visitors from overseas and a plain old ‘awight to you grubby lot from closer to home. Earlier today I checked my statcounter figures and since I last posted I’ve had some delightfully random visits from far places as far flung as […]

Cliffhanger video – Sheffield gets the Parkour and MTB treatment

As if Volleyball wasnt enough, the good people at this week’s Cliffhanger festival have produced this fantastic viral. Cliffhnager is one of the UK’s largest outdoor outdoor-pursuits festivals, based in one of Sheffield’s biggest green spaces. Anyway, enough of me prattling on about how blinding it is, it takes place this Saturday and Sunday. Visit the site […]