Bradford Social Media Surgery Needs Your Help

Recently a group of interested parties met up in a Bier Café in Bradford to discuss how we re-boot the Bradford Social Media Surgery. Yes, there were some cold beverages taken but the main topic of discussion of how we make the BDSMS more relevant and tailored to the people of the district. The concept of […]

Linking is great, feedback loops aren’t

One of the nice things about this social media business, or perhaps more accurately this business of having multiple social accounts, is that you have the ability to link them all together. Theoretically you can link your Facebook, Twitter, LinkenIn, Foursquare, Friendfeed, Favstar, Delicious, Gowalla, StumbledUpon, Youtube, Wordpress, Blogger, Tumblr and Vimeo accounts together so one status update bounces around your whole social universe and updates the panopoly of your friends as to the exact nature of your life at all times.

These views are my own

The title to this blog appears, in one way or another, in the bio section of an alarming amount of profiles across the social web. You may have hardly noticed it or possibly just taken it for granted but it’s very illustrative of the current state of play in the relationship between society, work and […]

Social Media Training, some reflections

Last week I had the pleasure of delivering Totaal’s first large-scale Social Media Training session at Immage Studios in North East Lincolnshire. I have done many a one-on-one and small group session before but this one was a very different animal indeed. All in all there were twelve different attendees and representatives from two different […]

Tithing, doing stuff for free and crowdsourcing an ethical policy

I’ve been tossing a few ideas around in my head for a while, I started the business a few months ago and I’ve been very, very happy with how it’s been going. We’ve won a couple of great clients pretty quickly and all of the business plan projections, the ones which were drawn up on […]