Twitter Lists, Twitter’s first strike against clients?

Interesting developments from Twitter with the recent announcement of the release of their Lists beta feature. For those of you with enough of a life not to care about these things, lists is a feature currently only available to “selected users” that allows you to select lists of your favourite Tweeters. So what form will […]

How to Tweet – Basic tips on how to get the most from Twitter

I’ve blogged a few times before on some of the wonderful, versatile things Twitter can be used for and happily I’ve had some rather pleasant feedback from people saying I’ve opened their eyes to one or two things about it. One thing that still interests me though, is that people are still using Twitter as […]

Top Ten Parliamentary Punch-Ups

Conflict in the Commons? Scuffle in the Senate? Altercation in the Assembly? Conflab in the Council or Fisticuffs spoiling your Filibuster? Hot on the heels of the terminally amusing fracas in the South Korean parliament Totaal is proud to bring you the Top Ten Parliamentary Punch-Ups. I cant take the credit for this though, this […]

Five delightfully pointless but cool twitter uses

Twitter isn’t all serious, powerful and useful y’know. Apologies for the lack of updates over the last week or two, I have been very busy working on one or two other pressing things. Namely doing some cool AR (Augmented Reality) research for a friend (some of which I hope to share with you all at […]