Is press a busted flush in the internet age?

Have we seen the point where traditional printed media’s business model is just no longer sustainable? The press industry is having a bit of a hard time at the moment, and don’t we know it. On a national level several of the biggest UK newspapers – titles like the Daily Mail, The Guardian and The […]

Nice bid video from London for the 2018 World Cup

Just a quick one, happened upon this lovely video for London’s bid for the 2018 World Cup. It almost makes me homesick it’s so good, even considering the only bit of green space is Primrose Hill (at around 1:20).> It’s also specially lovely when you consider that they have two stadiums (Wembley and the […]

Tasty VW virals show things are better when they are fun

VW have a long history of quality advertising – see here, here and here for examples of iconic VW ads – and it’s nice to see that this eye for quality has bled into their recent online work. VW’s Swedish agency, DDB Stockholm, have just released couple of videos and a teaser from their new […]

Reaction to Samsung's new viral somewhere between antipathy and ambivalence

The latest viral effort from the worlds largest conglomerate has been released to a fairly widespread derision.  South Korean megacorp Samsung generally create fairly decent technology but, unlike say Apple or Sony, they seem to have perennial problems with actually managing to be likable. We are, after all, talking about the same company who thought […]

Cliffhanger video – Sheffield gets the Parkour and MTB treatment

As if Volleyball wasnt enough, the good people at this week’s Cliffhanger festival have produced this fantastic viral. Cliffhnager is one of the UK’s largest outdoor outdoor-pursuits festivals, based in one of Sheffield’s biggest green spaces. Anyway, enough of me prattling on about how blinding it is, it takes place this Saturday and Sunday. Visit the site […]

Twitter style ads help Facebook buck the market trend

Facebook’s recent buzz has all been about their “Twittification”, reducing the former enjoyable randomness of Facebook to a homogenous Twitter feed. It’s caused all sorts of ructions and mutinies among users with the predictable Facebook groups being set up to demand that the system be scrapped and the norm returned to. Haha Facebook, now you […]

Is this the coolest single shot take ever?

If you are a film buff like me I think you may well be in for a treat. Obviously the greatest single shot take was either Goodfellas, or The Godather….yes probably the godfather. Anyway, though this is crammed with CGI and all sorts of other shenanigans is is undenyably beautiful. It’s to advertise a TV, […]

Fab four in fab animation

There’s not many people who haven’t grown up with the Beatles, I’d imagine that – like me – they remind you of long trips with the parents in a Cortina, probably biscuit coloured. Some uncharitable types might say they were a teensy bit overrated and that their solo careers were more or less consistently awful […]

Sheffield gets spiked!

Here’s a volleyball promo I did with my erstwhile collaborator Phil Parkin of Quickfeet Productions, the campaign itself was hugely successful getting over 200,000 views in six weeks. This is the “off campaign” version as many of you who know me will attest, I am a stickler for measurement and monitoring. The FIVB Volleyball World […]